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Every induction is represented when its need and usages are necessitated. Soon after the boom of IT,ITES industries "Manual Works" are comparatively shriveled.From the Flour mill to Fabric designers are keep on updating and simplifying their work profile with the help of many magical softwares. The intuition of the inventionis only to "Reduce the Manual Errors".

Genuine Infotech (p) Ltd., being an ITES company, engraved the quality of its multifaceted products among the software market. Promoting "fool-proof" products is the mission of our team.

From the experience of our decadal journey, we are groomed to know the customers need and fulfill their requirement periodically. This impeccable attribute manifested a good name amoung our customers.

In the array of our software products,we are privileged to include "Steel Soft" on the request of our invaluable customers. This special software is exclusive designed for the Steel & Iron Traders.

The pattern, operation and features are detailed here for the readers' convenience. Hope our "Steel Soft" would satisfy the expectation of our customers to simplify the work as "Error-free".

iron and steel traders

Overview of Iron and Steel Traders

Masters / Settings

Masters / Settings

For repeated usage of same data, Master screens have been provided. Here one time entered data can be used in other screens just by selection. "Data Setting Screens" are provided to apply for some data which require changes from time to time.



This module Purchase Entry, Purchase Return Entry, From JJ Entries, Job Worker Receipt Entries, Stock Adjustment, Stock Processing Entries, Brach stock Receipt Entry and related reports.



It is a full-fledged Accounts module. It covers voucher entries, Credit / Debit Note, Cheque realization / returns entries, Accounts Opening entries and invoice opening entries etc., and all related reports.



This module covers Quotation Entry, Delivery Order Entry, Proforma Invoice, Sales Invoice / Cash Bill Entry, Sales Return Entry, General Sales Invoice, Stock Tranfer and related reports.

Central Excise

Central Excise

This module covers Central Excise purchase Invoice, Central Excise Sales Invoice and related reports.

Tight Security

Tight Security

Each and every entry is recorded with the user details who have done it. Each and every screen and its functions like new entry ceration, editing / deletion of existing entries are well controlled by user privilege.

Overview of Iron and Steel Traders
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Features of Iron and Steel Traders

Any number of companies can be created.
Any number of branches can be created under each company.
Any number of yards can be created under each branch.
Customer / Supplier / Job Worker details are well maintained.
Categorization of items are possible.
Item Rate and Low stock range can be set for each item.
Categorization of vehicles are possible.
Tax / Service Tax details are well maintained.
Tax percentage can be set based on type for purchase and sales.
Purchase invoice and Purchase returns are well maintained.
Form JJ entries can be made.
Job works given outside are well tracked.
Stock Adjustment and conversion of stack from one from to another from is possible.
Stock Transfer from one branch to another branch is possible.
Quotation preparation can be done.
Quotation can be Converted to PDF Format for mailing Purpose.
Proforma Invoice preparationcan be done.
TDelivery Challan / Delivery Order can be generated.
Based on the above DC?Do, sales invoice can be prepared. It reduces entry time and human errors considerably.
Sales Return tracking is available.
General Sales Invoice entries can be made (Other then steel).
Stock Transfer can be done.
Stock Checking can be done at every transaction screen.
Steelsoft is integrated with full fledged accounts module. So there is no need to maintain accounts in a separate software.
Company, Branch Creations and Opening entries can be secured with password.
Each and every entry is recorded with the user details who has done it.
Each and every screen and its functions like new entry creation, editing of existing entry and deletion of entry can be secured by setting privileges to users.
Multi User Environment.
Client / Server technology.
Using static IP you can access the software from anywhere through internet.

Reports & Modules of Iron and Steel Traders

Reports & Modules of Iron and Steel Traders
  • Purchase Reports
  • Vat Forms (Purchase & Sales)
  • Stock Ledger & Stock Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Productwise Sales Reports
  • Outstanding : Customer / Supplier / Bill wise / Age wise
  • Collection Report
  • Accounts Reports - Accounts Ledger
HR Modules

This module covers to maintain the Employee details, PF/ESI Setup, salary Adjustment setup, Salary Advance details, Arrear Processing Entry, Salary processing Entry and Employee Attendance Entry. The module offers a variety of reports such as PF (From 3A, From 6A), ESI and pay register etc.

Fixed Deposit Modules

This module covers to maintain the Depositor details, Deposit Entry, Interest payment with TDS deduction. The module offers a variety of reports.


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